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    A moving panorama

You'll love !

  • the reflection of sun on the water
  • lush vegetation
  • a natural setting
  • picnics on the banks of the river

The Gave de Pau flows across the Cœur de Béarn creating its own exceptional biodiversity. Its riverbanks with their lush vegetation are home to migratory birds. Just sit by its side or walk, whatever you like but just listen to the river!


In Orthez, the river flows peacefully just a short step from the town centre. Its verdant banks are easily accessible and offer a wonderful view of the town's emblematic bridge, the Pont Vieux.


The Lendresse informational walk reveals a more untamed side of the Gave de Pau. The vegetation grows thickly and the current is fast. The path is rich in informational panels showing the river's fauna and flora and there are picnicking tables to eat a meal or simply sit down for a while.


Do you like photographing birds? Come to the Artix-Pardies-Besingrand lake. This lake which is next to the Gave de Pau, is a breeding site for migrating birds. What's more you can observe them from a free telescope.


The Labastide-Cézeracq saligue is a wet closely vegetated area bordering the Gave de Pau criss-crossed by small pathways. Admire the sun's rays reflected on the river's eddies. Moments to savour  whether shared or alone.



  • The riverbanks of the Gave de Pau in Summer
  • Children on the riverbanks of the Gave de Pau
  • The Gave de Pau