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Scarcely an hour from the Basque coast and the Pyrenees, the Cœur de Béarn is a verdant hilly country that history has embraced with passion.

Châteaux bear witness to both conquest (that of Gaston Fébus) and royalty (Henri IV) whilst the many Middle Ages bastides and fortified villages off the beaten track show us the character of this country which was once an independent State.

But this little country with its strong character which was once a bastion of protestantism also has a long history of Catholicism with a large number of Romanesque churches and two cathedrals. From village to village, Orthez to Monein, you breathe in history without realising it with their stonewalled houses and Roman tiled roofs.

And let's not forget its gastronomic heritage which never fails to delight all those adventuring into the Coeur de Béarn!