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Strong reds, subtle rosés

Wine production dates back to Antiquity (thanks mostly to the Romans) and vines cover most of the Bearnais landscape. Later, during the 17th century, the expatriated Huguenots introduced wines from Béarn in England and Holland. Thus began the exportation of Béarnais wines !

Famous for its Jurançon wine, the region of Béarn also offers delicious reds such as Madiran and AOC Béarn. Madiran can be easily recognized by its ruby colour.

This wine stems from two grape varieties which give Madiran its bouquet, finesse and robustness : Tannat and Cabernet.
This wine requires a specific wine-growing technique. Its vines spread across nearly 3,000 acres. Of the 8,600 acres of tannat existing in the world (including in Uruguay), 3,500 are located in Madiran.

This warm and full-bodied wine goes beautifully with red meats, game meat and cheese.
The AOC Béarn designation is present across the Vic-Bilh territory which mainly produces reds and rosés. The grape varieties are mostly local: tannat, cabernet franc and cabernet sauvignon.

The AOC Béarn Bellocq, which comes from the AOC Béarn, designates 4 acres of vineyards around Bellocq, Orthez, Lahontan and Salies-de-Béarn.

Thanks to its geographic position and chalky soil, the vineyard is shielded from cold winds and spring frosts. Tannat is the ultimate grape variety of Béarn Bellocq. It offers strong and full-bodied reds, softened by the fruity and mild touch of cabernet franc and sauvignon, which one will notice more yet in rosés. 

Domaine de l’Escudé in Cabidos produces its wine with many grape varieties: Tannat, Cabernet Franc and Merlot reds mix with Petit Manseng, Grog Manseng and Colombard whites.

Since 2007, Domaine de l’Escudé has been cultivating vines from Moncade to Orthez, for a total of nearly 4 acres. Thanks to them, the vineyard set at the foot of the Moncade Castle offers the only Raffiat de Moncade mother-vine. 

How to enjoy Madiran and AOC Béarn?

Rosé is best served between 8 and 10 ° C. It can be enjoyed at the beginning or the end of the meal but is perfect alongside charcuteries, grilled meats, meat skewers or salads. It brings a perfect touch of lightness to spicy dishes…

Red wine is best served at 14 °C. It is a perfect companion to all of our local cuisine: skewers, prime rib, duck magret and confit.

Meet our local producers to learn everything there is to know about these wines, born in the sunny vines of the Pyrénées hills. Discovering the making of wine is a pleasure of the mind and of the senses. Our producers will be sure to unveil the traditions that bring it to life.

Please drink responsibly.