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Visiting Monein in Béarn

Monein and its history

Monein is characterised by its varied delights with both a historical centre and rural districts extending over 8000 ha. Monein's centre reveals the largest Gothic church in Béarn, the church of St Girons. The height of its clock tower is impressive and its asymmetric double-shelled upturned boat form of timber roof is unique. It took three generations of builders to complete between 1464 and 1530. A guided tour presents the architecture of this church and the history of the village.

Monein and its vineyards

Jurançon wine was once known as the wine of Monein. You could almost say that Monein is the stronghold of all Jurançon vineyards. What's more, 60% of all Jurançon production comes from Monein. So it's the best place to meet winegrowers. Some of these families have been making wine for five generations. It's not just a history of taste, it's a history of lives.

Monein and its walks

This village is made for walking with its remarkable footpaths and views. An informational footpath starting from the centre of the village ends at the Mairie after crossing vineyards and hills (1 1/2 hours). Another completely shaded informational footpath concentrating on biodiversity crosses the Laring forest. This one and a half hour walk starts from Maison Ticoulat.
As a family, the Terra Aventura trail is an original walk that children will love taking through Monein. A real treasure hunt, it involves solving riddles to discover the mystery word!

Near Monein: L'Expérience (la Parenthèse( in Lacommande

10 km from Monein, the Commanderie de Lacommande awaits you for a unique experience with (La Parenthèse(! On this historic 12th century site, you can enter a deaf room, meditate on the contemporary art exhibition "Notre refuge", listen to the wood of the wine barrels and many other experiences that end with a tasting at the Maison des vins du Jurançon.

  • The church of St Girons in Monein
  • The church of St Girons in Monein
  • The timber roof of the church of St Girons in Monein