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Culture with a smile !

Here in Béarn, we take pride in our heritage and love to celebrate life. We have therefore created traditional events – such as Hestiv’Oc or Septembre en Béarn – to honour our culture. We are also proud to welcome an unmissable event that celebrates speed and intensity : the Grand Prix of Pau ! 


But let’s start with our traditions.
The month of July hosts Hestiv’Oc, a festival that celebrates southern music and culture. Born in 2005, the festival has consistently developed to become what is now one of Aquitaine’s major summer events. During 4 days, over 300 artists celebrate the « cultura nosta » (i.e. our culture) both on stage and in the streets. Audiences are invited to attend over 60 free shows in a festive atmosphere, filled with culture and tradition. A celebration of Bearnais and Occitan culture.

Septembre en Béarn is a festival that highlights Béarnais traditions :

-       The Garburade is an (international!) Garbure championship. It takes place on Saturday, September 1st, in Oloron-Sainte-Marie.

-       The Fête du Sel celebrates the tradition of salt in Salies-de-Béarn, on the 2nd weekend in September.

-       The Fête des bergers in Aramits celebrates the return of the summer flocks, on the 3rd weekend in September.

-       La Foire au fromage, the cheese festival in Laruns (Ossau Valley), takes place on the 1st weekend in October.

-       Siros has its very own festival: singing, dancing, story-telling and traditional Bearnais theatre take over the town on the last weekend in September.

-       The Fête du Maïs, in Laàs, is the corn-themed celebration you won’t want to miss on the 2nd weekend in October.  

Let’s move onto another important event, one that celebrates speed!
The Grand Prix of Pau stems from a long tradition of car-racing in the South West of France which goes all the way back to 1899 ! The event owes its reputation to its urban circuit, unchanged since 1935 and considered by many pilots as tricky and of a high-difficulty level !

Boredom doesn’t exist in Béarn !

  • Garburade in Oloron-Sainte-Marie
  • The Fête du Sel in Salies-de-Béarn
  • Cheese fair in Laruns
  • Cheese fair in Laruns
  • The Hestiv'oc Festival in Pau