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Discover Cœur de Béarn in every seasons.

In summer, Béarn takes on a festive note: "bandas" local music, bull running, village dances, concerts, musical festivals. From sunrise to sunset, there are hundred new things to do, sites to visit and landscapes to admire. 

Autumn is the time for grape harvesting and ever more often Indian summers. It's a time for picking chestnuts and eating them with a drop of Bourret, the first of the pressed grapes.

Winter is also the time for salting down cold meats and other local specialities. And as a daily focal point, the snow-covered Pyrénées and their ski runs a short drive away.  

In the spring, it's all dewy mornings, peaches coming into flower, the vines starting to wake, mist in the valleys and the Pyrenees as backdrop. It's an ideal time to walk with cool mornings and sunny afternoons.

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Winter in Cœur de Béarn

Spring in Cœur de Béarn

Summer in Cœur de Béarn

Autumn in Cœur de Béarn