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Showcasing Jurançon

You'll love ! 

  • 130 Jurançon references
  • wine testing with an oenologist
  • the proximity to the Commanderie
  • the Jurançon Wine Road

Showcasing Jurançon

Follow the ridgeway across the vineyards : you will reach the House of Wine of Jurançon in Lacommande. This shop includes an exhibit and tasting hall where you will discover a wide range of over 130 wine references, some from Madiran, Irouléguy and Béarn.
What will it be for you ? Sweet or dry ?

In 1986, several young wine-growers saw their potential and came together to form an association : the Jurançon Wine Road. In an effort to promote sustainable development and their work, they created the House of Wine. Today, the Jurançon Wine Road gathers over 60 wine-growers who produce and sell their own wine.

Each year, the association organises numerous cultural events around the theme of wine, such as the Fête des Vendanges, from September to December, and most of all the famous Portes Ouvertes en Jurançon, an open-day in the vineyards, on the second Sunday in December.

The House of Wine is located next to the Commanderie of Lacommande, so don’t forget to drop by to complete your visit ! 

Opening hours :

From September 1st to June 30th : from Tuesday to Saturday, 2 pm to 6 pm.
From July 1st to August 31st : from Monday to Saturday, 11 am to 7 pm. 

Contact :

Maison des Vins et du Terroir du Jurançon
Tél : 05 59 82 70 30 -

  • The House of Wine in Lacommande
  • The House of Wine in Lacommande
  • The House of Wine in Lacommande
  • The House of Wine in Lacommande
  • The House of Wine in Lacommande