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This is an adventure to be shared with friends or family as you roam the hills and valleys, exploring the vineyards and wine estates, attempting to solve the case that everyone is talking about... and becoming the Sherlock Holmes of the wine growing region!

You'll love ! 

  • Playing Sherlock Holmes
  • Exploring the Jurançon region
  • Having fun 
Suspicions in Jurançon is a concept dreamed up by the Adishats Travel Agency in Lucq-de-Béarn to enable visitors to explore the discover Jurançon vineyards in a very different way.

With a roadbook and an investigative kit, in your vehicle or a combi volkswagen, the wannabee detectives get to meet up with wine-growers, to find precious clues.

“The Jurançon is uneasy...The press has reported two events which have disturbed the usual peace and quiet of this normally tranquil region. A spectacular robbery which took place during an auction and a murder during the the Jurançon wine route Open Day...”

The two investigations are entrusted to the trainee detectives via two circuits. Each one includes the main points of interest of the vineyard(s) and three tastings.

Mysterious murder in Lucq-de-Béarn

Circuit 1 - 1/2 day

Blood was shed, yesterday, during the Jurançon wine route Open Day.The vineyards are in turmoil. Red (blood!) in the (usually!) white kingdom, that’s scary !

4 wine-growers are under investigation by the ever watchful inspector !

A mysterious robbery during an auction

Circuit 2 - full day

An exceptional lot of 6 bottles disappeared yesterday, just before the auction planned for today. The investigation is moving towards the local wine-growers 6 of them are suspected of theft.

How to play ?

- The kit is for sale for 18 € (includes all participants).

- The kit can be collected from either the Monein or Orthez tourist offices.

- The kit includes a road book, wine glasses and other accessories which will help participants explore the regional wines.