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Lin des Pyrénées

Agriculture Raisonnée

Lin des Pyrénées has a zero-waste philosophy: everything that comes out of the lab is recycled. Original and healthy, come and discover how flax is produced, this oilseed, a real source of omega 3 and 6, minerals and fiber.
Flax, once cultivated in Béarn, is in flower in May and June, and you can see flax plots in several communes in Béarn: Mesplède, Biron, Tarsacq, Arbus, Monein, Espéchède... Harvested in the afternoons of July and August as soon as the temperature reaches 30°C, the seeds are first sorted using a mobile sorter. Once in the lab, the seeds are sorted several times using a second sorter, to ensure that only seeds meeting the quality charter are retained. These are then used to produce the oil. Press co-products (cakes) are used to make flour.
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430 route de Bertranot 64370 MESPLEDE



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