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Coopérative des vergers du Pays de Monein

Agriculture Raisonnée

The Roussanne peach is an ancient variety of fruit which has been cultivated among the vines in the Jurançon region since the 16th century. Unfortunately the fragile nature of the fruit and erratic weather patterns meant that production was in decline. In 2004 and very much thanks to the efforts and perseverance of Marie-José Casaubon, a grower in Cuqueron, a small group of enthusiastic growers formed a cooperative, “Les Vergers du Pays de Monein” in order to restart production and with the eventual aim of obtaining “Label Rouge” accreditation.
Today the cooperative numbers 18 producers who have 15 hectares of orchards in and around Monein. Freshly picked peaches are available by the box in season. Out of season visitors can still enjoy the unique taste of Roussanne peaches in various forms, syrup, juice, purée, jam and other products.

Products Type
  • Jam
  • Canned goods
  • Fruit / vegetables
  • Fruit juice
Payment methods
  • Cheques and postal orders
  • Cash

Route de Pau 64360 MONEIN

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