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A treasure hunt for everyone !

Dive yourself in an exciting universe !

Tèrra Aventura is an orginal hike to discover the medieval city of Orthez, unusual places and original stories.

You'll love !

  • Going out for a walk
  • Playing
  • Geocaching

Solve the puzzles, hunt the treasure and collect the Poï'z... Grown-up and children will share amazing moments together ! With a 100 % free smartphone application, you are ready for the adventure.

Boxes called "caches" are hidden in the nature. Your goal ? Find them and the treasures they contain.

In this "caches" are living the Poï'z, little characters with very strong personnality, on badges to collect.
To find them, it's easy, let you guide on the course, answer the puzzles and here you are !

Zacquet is waiting for you for a funny adventure in Orthez !

Tèrra Aventura :

The insolite treasure hunt in Nouvelle-Aquitaine !



  • Tèrra Aventura in Orthez
  • Tèrra Aventura - Geocaching in Orthez
  • Tèrra Aventura - A treasure hunt in Orthez
  • Tèrra Aventura - Geocaching in Orthez