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Le pêcheur Ô fil de l'eau


In lake or river, alone or in group, it is with pleasure that Jean-Philippe, a professional fishing guide instructor, graduated from the State Youth and Sport, will guide you in the wild and discreet fishing places in order to discover or improve various fishing techniques.
Whether you are a beginner or an experienced fisherman, you will spend a convivial and authentic moment in the greatest respect of the aquatic environment and the natural space which surrounds it.
You can also share this experience with your family and try the adventure of bivouacking.

Prices Le matériel est fourni.
Adultes (2h) : 90€
Adultes (1/2 journée) : 160€
Adultes (la journée) : 240€

Enfants (2h) : 80€ (selon technique de pêche choisie)
Enfants (1/2 journée) : 140€
Enfants (journée) : 200€
Groupe d'enfants (12 maximum, 2h) : 35€

Bivouac (1 nuit/2 jours) : 360€
Payment methods
  • Cheques and postal orders
  • Cash

18 rue Bergoué 64370 ARTHEZ-DE-BEARN

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