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A taste of adventure !

Located about 1 hour from Pau, Haute-Soule offers a landscape of forests, hills and gorges. Overflowing with birds of prey, the territory is conducive to action and imagination. For an indoor adventure or to thrill the family in the heart of nature, visit the Gorges of Holzarte and Kakuetta . After them, do not miss La Verna ! Guaranteed shivers up your spine !


Do you suffer from vertigo? Well that’s lucky ! A short walk from Larrau, you reach the footbridge (the monkey bridge) of Holzarte, almost 180 meters high ! As you cross this suspension bridge, gaze down at the Olhadubi Canyon. A delicious moment balanced between heaven and earth. This site is one of the most spectacular in the Western Pyrénées.

Kakuetta, the mysterious gorges

To visit the gorge of Kakuetta, we advise you to put on stout shoes because even if a narrow footbridge and a handrail help guide your steps in the heart of the gorge, wetness makes the ground slippery. The rock walls dripping with moisture soar up 350m, where raptors hover. Your excursion is accompanied by the cry of birds and the music of the torrents gushing out of the cave, and at the end of your walk, laced by stalactites and stalacmites , as if protecting a secret. The walk lasts 2 hours (the round trip) but you can also spend a whole day there, as your fancy moves you. After this experience in the gorges, you are ready to go deeper into the womb of the earth, a few minutes away, in La Verna.

La Verna : Journey to the centre of the Earth

La Verna is in the heart of the limestone massif of La Pierre-Saint-Martin. Depending on your ability to manage depths, you can choose various visits, more or less long, in different galleries. Indeed, the main gallery opens onto other limestone caves, and the walk can become a hike or caving according to your level (and your wish): you can choose up to 5 hours of adventure with climbing at its centre!

From the sky to the centre of the earth ! Soule awakens your dreams of adventure !

  • The Gorges of Holzarte
  • The Gorges of Holzarte
  • The Gorges of Kakuetta
  • The Gorges of Kakuetta
  • The La Verna Cave
  • The La Verna Cave

La Verna : voyage au centre de la Terre

La Verna se trouve au cœur du massif calcaire de La Pierre-Saint-Martin. Selon votre aptitude à tolérer les profondeurs, vous pouvez choisir diverses visites, plus ou moins longues, dans différentes galeries. En effet, la galerie principale ouvre sur d’autres cavités calcaires, et la promenade peut devenir rando ou spéléo selon votre niveau (et votre envie) : vous pouvez choisir jusqu’à 5 h d’aventure avec escalade à la clé !

Du ciel au centre de la terre, la Soule réveille vos rêves d’aventures !