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How nice to eat fresh and local products !

This markets gather only farm and artisan producers. Direct contact between producers and consumers is privileged to value fully the richness and diversity of the Béarnais terroir. This way, you can buy the best of the local products directly to the producers.

« Marchés des Producteurs de Pays » is a label created by the Chambers of Agriculture. This markets gather exclusively local producers committed to the respect of a charter of good practices, in order to ensure consumers :

  • the farm quality of the productions,
  • local, seasonnal and specific products of the terroir,
  • the quality of production and transformation practices,
  • direct contact with the producer,
  • transparency of the agricol practices.

You can buy the best local products and, of course, eat on site enjoying various animations.

The "Marchés des Producteurs de Pays" in 2019:

Friday 28 June : Lucq-de-Béarn

Friday 12 July : Mourenx

Thursday 8 August : Orthez

Thursday 22 August : Monein

Friday 6 September : Arthez-de-Béarn