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  • the modern architecture
  • the urban interpretive trail
  • the Mi[x] cultural centre
  • the weekly market
From “mushroom town” to  “new town”

The story of Mourenx is closely linked to that of the industrial zone of Lacq which began between 1957 and 1960 when four gas production units were put into commission. It was the first time that a town for 15000 inhabitants had been constructed in France; the site was an uninhabited and swampy area close to the then, hamlet of Mourenx, which is today the centre of the town.  

JB Maneval and the architect Douillet, drew up the overall layout and housing plans and based their designs on an urban layout inspired by factory structure. Terraced, semi-detached and individual houses feature along with numerous tree lined roads and open green spaces, all of which combines to give Mourenx a feeling of being a very ‘green’ combination of rural yet urban living space.

Today, after over 50 years of existence, Mourenx is undergoing a process of urban renewal which is transforming the architecture; the rehabilitation of some parts and demolition of others is changing the feel of the town. 

In the town centre, the Mi[X] is a cultural centre which opened in 2016 and houses a multi media library, the Scientifique Technique and Industrial Culture Centre of the Pays de l’Adour (CCSTI Lacq-Odyssée), a modern art gallery, the Hervé Di Rosa art collection, a theatre company, the “Théâtre les pieds dans l’eau”, a cinema and a restaurant, the Bistrot M. 

The name perfectly symbolises the cultural diversity of the centre and the social and generational mix of people it caters for.

The interpretive trail

Opened on the 20th of March 2010, this hiking trail crosses the town of Mourenx and is 4.6 km long. It explains everything about the town and its background;

five different information ‘stops’ provide a detailed history of the birth and evolution of the town. Audio guides are available and include video and footage from both present day and archival sources.

The guides are provided free of charge and are available from the tourist office.

  • The architecture of Mourenx, new town
    The architecture of Mourenx, new town
  • Plant sculpture
    Plant sculpture
  • Mourenx building
    Mourenx building
  • Viewpoint of Mourenx
    Viewpoint of Mourenx
  • From the belvedere
    From the belvedere
  • The architecture of Mourenx, new town
  • Plant sculpture
  • Mourenx building
  • Viewpoint of Mourenx
  • From the belvedere

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