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Rouge Safran

Agriculture Raisonnée

Rouge Safran is in Lucq-de-Béarn, a typical Béarnaise village with a church which has historic monument status. It is close to the Larroudé vineyard, which is well known in Jurançon wine circles.
It is the only saffron producer in the Béarn and the owner, Kathy provides a range of products such as Jurançon preserve with saffron, saffron honey and syrups, saffron infused salt from Salies - an absolute treat for your taste buds! Everything is hand made with no machinery involved. During the harvest season in October visitors can even try their hands at picking and pruning. So, come and try this exceptional product!

Products Type
  • Jam
  • Spice
Prices Visite et dégustation : 8€
Gratuit : enfants (jusqu'à 10 ans)
Groupe : 8€/pers
Payment methods
  • Payment cards
  • Cheques and postal orders
  • Cash
  • Bank transfers

Quartier Bernateix 64360 LUCQ-DE-BEARN



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