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Les chèvres de Brassenx

Agriculture Raisonnée Pets welcome

The “Les chèvres de Brassenx” is a goat farm in the countryside in Castétis, a small Béarnaise village near Orthez. The owners Sandrine and Laurent are proud of their set up and rightly so! The goats are entirely free range and happily graze around the farm. All the milk is made into cheese, both hard and soft, cream cheese and yoghurt, all of which are available to try when visiting the farm.

Products Type
  • Canned goods
  • Cheese
  • Dairy produce
  • Salted meats
  • Meat
Prices Visite guidée : 3€
Visite-dégustation : 6€
Groupe : 4€
Payment methods
  • Cheques and postal orders
  • Cash

513 chemin de balasque 64300 CASTETIS


Brassenx Sandrine
Brassenx Sandrine

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