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La Cidrerie Béarnaise

Agriculture Bio

The cider makers are in the small village of Casteide Cami, set among the Béarnaise hills in open countryside. The small scale workshop produces cider and various cider based products.
The apples are sourced from an organic orchard and are juiced over a period of several months to provide a range of five products:
Béarnaise cider, sparkling and with personality, this pure juice cider is produced via natural fermentation, apple juice, this has a slight orange tinge stemming from the combination of tart and sweeter apples, l’Apéritiu - a delicious mix of apple wort and honey, aged in oak barrels, cider vinegar, naturally aged until optimum maturity and finally, cider conserve, with its delicate cider taste, this is the perfect accompaniment for pancakes, cheese, yoghurt, foie-gras and can also be added to sauces.

Products Type
  • Cider
  • Jam
  • Fruit juice
Prices Visite guidée particulier : Gratuit
Visite guidée groupe : 2€/pers (dès 10 personnes)
Payment methods
  • Cheques and postal orders
  • Cash

Chemin de Lalanne 64170 CASTEIDE-CAMI



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