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Tout un fromage !

A few kilometers from Orthez, Fanny and Jean Baptiste welcome you to their Lait P'tits Béarnais farm to share their passion for their crafts.
You'll learn everything about life on the farm: the daily life of cows and calves, milking, soil and plant life,ecosystem balance, and of course the secrets of milk processing, maturing ... and cheeses! During the visit, we also meet chickens, sheep, pigs, goats ... and working sheepdogs.

You'll love !

  • life on the farm
  • sheepdogs
  • cheese !

Cheese in all its forms

Lou Cap Bourut, Gaston Fébus, Poutou des bois, l’Escadut… there is something for everyone. The cheeses of the Lait P'tits Béarnais farm are of course found in cheese dishes, but also in cubes as an aperitif, in salads,  cooked in tartiflette or raclette... White cheese, natural yogurt and a soft brown cream confiture de lait : delicacies for young and old. A gourmet surprise to share immoderately with the family !

Timetable :

Open Tuesday to Saturday from 2 30 pm to 6 pm

Contact :

2400 chemin Eslayas - 64300 CASTETIS
05 59 67 54 41 -

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