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Flying in a hot air ballon  

You'll love !
  • the calm of flying high
  • a feeling of freedom
  • wonderfull landscapes
  • flying !

Have a birds’ eye view of the Béarnais countryside; this green hilly landscape crossed by rivers and streams covered in forests and dotted with vineyards. Be gently nudged by the wind in unparalleled calm and comfort.

Experience flying in a hot air balloon, the oldest form of aviation and certainly the most romantic. Enjoy the unforgettable sensation of a moment in time suspended in the air as if you were drifting through time.

With Air Pyrénées Montgolfière set out as a couple or in a group of friends for a first flight of three hours including setting up the balloon, a one hour flight and a glass of Jurançon wine when you get back.

Contact :

Air Pyrénées Montgofière

9 route de Boumourt - 64370 Arnos

Tèl: 06 72 21 07 46 -

Contact :

Ferme des Marnières 

782 rue de la carrère - 64300 SAINTE-SUZANNE

Tèl: 06 22 98 04 39